#FBF – 8 Reasons Dean From Gilmore Girls Was Actually The Worst

With a four-episode revival in the works, everybody has Gilmore Girls on the brain. We’ve talked about Jess in all his glory, but today… let’s talk about our old pal Dean Forester. As we all know, a young Jared Padalecki played Rory’s first boyfriend before joining Supernatural, AKA the show that will probably be on TV FOREVER. At first Dean was supposed to be this cool and brooding out-of-towner, but after a few seasons he turned out to be Stars Hollow’s number one CHUMP. Here are 8 reasons Dean was actually the worst:

1. He’s a wet blanket – OK, we know he built Rory a car. We’ll give him that, but otherwise, he was basically one of the Gilmore Girls, watching movies and eating junk food, but without the intellect and clever banter.

2. He whined constantly – Always and forever. Whine, whine, whine. He was basically Rory’s needy chihuahua sidekick.

3. You know he was not-so-secretly vibing on Lorelai the entire series– Had Gilmore Girls been another teen show, like say Dawson’s Creek or The O.C. there would have been a scandalous love affair between Dean and Lorelai. Luckily, Gilmore Girls is classier than that, but still. Dean wanted Rory’s mom in a bad way.

4. He made Jess look shrimpy – I get it… Jared Padalecki can’t help that he’s a giant of a man, but he made perfectly perfect Jess look like a baby man sometimes and that’s just not cool.

5. His possessive, small-town being kept Jess & Rory apart for too long – Dean and his whole sad puppy vibe kept Rory from many glorious days with Jess. I mean, it really dragged on there for a minute until Dean grew a pair and dumped her. But, let’s not forget that Dean publicly dumped Rory at a dance. That’s more proof he’s the worst!

6. He never got over Rory – Honestly, did he even try? We know Rory is the shit and she’s hard to get over because she’s beautiful and smart and cool and all the things, but he straight up married a girl while he was still deeply in love with Rory. You suck, Dean.

7. His teenage wife tried so hard to please him and he did not GAF – Poor, sweet Lindsay! She tried so hard to be a great teenage wife. She brought him picnic lunches at the job site and worked all day to cook him perfect dinners and Dean did not give any fucks. He just picked fights with her about his cell phone and banged Rory!

8. He’s a CHEATER – Dean cheated on his wife. More than once. He’s the worst!