Exclusive: The Ready Set Tour Diary #3

So the tour is essentially over- I’m now in a car driving through Nebraska (I think?) on the way to Chicago for an acoustic performance at a record store. We’ve done a few of these and they are awesome. Super intimate and cool to see people excited about the new stuff.

The rest of the shows went awesomely, as I hoped they would. We finished up the tour in Los Angeles, which was perfect because that is home and all of my friends came to the show and we had a jolly time. I don’t think I’ve ever fit that many people into a small green room before. My friend Evan came out to photograph the final stretch of the tour, so we looked a lot cooler than we did the previous weeks. You’ll see below.

My album comes out in a few days, so that’s pretty exciting, not to mention some cool tour stuff just popped up too. Looks like it’ll be a pretty busy year. Thanks again to everyone who came out to a show on the Fight For Something Tour- we all had such an amazing time and everyone in Tonight Alive, Set It Off, and Saywecanfly are the best of humans. See you all soon. xxxxxx