Buzz Bites: Gigi Hadid Asks Fans To Stop Stalking Her Home And Zac Efron Looks Hot Shirtless

TGIF! Hooray for the weekend! Let’s kick it off with the latest gossip online!

Remember when Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler carved their names into a rock on Valentines Day? Well now they have to cough up about $5,000 for the slip up! eeep!

Bella Thorne is in talks to star in a coming-of-age, festival centric movie called, Be Here Now.

In case you’re hoping to score a pic with Gigi Hadid one day, take note of her latest request to fans in order to keep things friendly and safe.

If any of you were doubting the love between Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Cam just made it abundantly clear that he is the love of her life, making all past romances seems trivial in comparison…awwww.

Annnnd…Since it’s Friday here’s a gif of Zac Efron shirtless, because as he would say…YOLO.