9 Times Demi Lovato Showed Us How To Live Life Like A BOSS

Demi Lovato has successfully proven she is all the things: talented, empowered, positive, cool, special… the list goes on and on! From young Disney star to full on pop sensation, Demi has truly come into her own as a performer, idol, and human being. Here are 9 particular times that Demi Lovato showed us exactly how to live life like a boss:

1. The many times she’s spoken out about body positivity – Demi has been pretty open about her struggles with her weight. Now, she’s such a positive advocate for loving yourself and your body.

2. All the times she’s posted make-up free selfies – Like a truly confident boss of a human, Demi is happy to show the Internet and her millions of followers exactly what she looks like in the morning pre-glam squad.

3. The time she performed “Stone Cold” with Brad Paisley at the iHeartRadio Awards– Ummmm…. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, but this performance was kind of amazing.

4. The time she supported Hilary Clinton – Back in January, Demi performed at a Clinton rally in Iowa to help draw in young, female voters. Before singing her hit “Confident,” Demi told the crowd, “I don’t think there’s a woman more confident than Hilary Clinton.” Preach.

5. The time she told a reporter “mugs” were her fave dish – I mean, mugs are a great dish. And come on, with all the interviews this gal has to do… you have to have a little fun sometimes.

6. The time she covered Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” – Full body chills much?

7. The time she did musical impressions with Jimmy Fallon – Demi impersonating Christina Aguilera singing “Spongebob Squarepants” will definitely make your day.

8. All the times she crushed the inspirational quote game – Our girl Demi really knows how to make her fans feel loved, inspired, and positive.

9. The times she voiced her support for equality and love regardless of sexual orientation – Demi helps spread that no hate message in a beautiful way!