8 Reasons Alex From All Time Low Is Going To Be The Perfect Husband

As we all know, Alex Gaskarth is officially off the market. All Time Low’s lead singer tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Lisa Ruocco this month. Their wedding looked pretty stunning thanks to Lisa’s event planning chops and the amazing people in attendance, including all of his ATL band mates. As Alex embarks on married life, here are 8 reasons we know he’ll be the perfect husband:

1. He can sing you to sleep. It’s every girl’s dream, right?

2. He’s devoted AF. Friends, family, band mates and now WIFE are going to feel that love and devotion for all time.

3. He has a great sense of humor. He’ll keep his lady LOL-ing for days.

4. He loves dogs. You know they’ll have a few cute pups that he’ll take great care of. (And then they’ll have those human babies.)

5. He knows how to express emotions. Between the song lyrics and the interviews, we know this guy is not afraid to tell a lady how he feels.

6. He can cook. For real! World on the street is this guy is a whiz in the kitchen.

7. He’s traveled the world and knows all the most romantic places to take his boo. All that touring and travel will definitely come in handy for romantic vacations with his lady.

8. They’ll have super cute and talented babies. I mean, between those two and their beautiful faces and all that talent, their offspring is going to be next level!