7 Instances When The Remix Was Better Than The Original

Remixes can either be a hit or miss. Whether you love a good dance mix or a collaborative effort between music hottest artists, remixes are a celebration of your favorite tracks. However, no matter how good the originals are, sometimes the remix takes the cake. Here are 7 instances when the remix topped the original track, in our opinion!

Britney Spears – “(You Drive Me) Crazy” (The Stop Remix)

There just couldn’t be a remix list like this without this song. “(You Drive Me) Crazy” (The Stop Remix) was one of Britney Spears‘ biggest hits in 1999 and fans are still crazy for it 17 years later!

Jennifer Lopez – “Ain’t It Funny” (Murder Remix feat. Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah)

We can always count on J.Lo for top quality entertainment and with the release of her 2002 remix album, J To Tha L-O! The Remixes, we got lucky. While the remix for “I’m Real” featuring Ja Rule usually gets all the credit, “Ain’t It Funny” killed it back in the day!

Dream – “This Is Me” Remix feat. P.Diddy & Kain

If you were a TRL addict back in the day, you were probably pretty obsessed with Diddy‘s first girl group, Dream. While “This Is Me” was already a solid single, it wasn’t until the summer of 2001 that the track got a major facelift, along with a killer video to go along with it. Luckily for us, the girls are planning a major comeback this year! Stay tuned!

Destiny’s Child – “No, No, No,” Pt. 2 feat. Wyclef Jean

This is how Beyonce was born, people! While Destiny’s Child‘s “No, No, No” was already a hit, it wasn’t until part two of the song with Wyclef Jean was released in the late 90’s that the group started to create some buzz.

XYLØ – “Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” (flor Remix)

I am convinced that everything flor touches is gold and with last year’s remix of XYLØ‘s “Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” under their belt, there is nothing they cannot do. Just listen below and prepare to fall in love!

BØRNS – “Electric Love” (Oliver Remix)

It’s quite obvious that the breakout hit from BØRNS, “Electric Love,” is already massive. Once the Oliver remix of the track hit the web this past December, things got interesting for the LA singer. You might have heard the track in a tourism ad for Los Angeles and if it made you long for days at the beach, you’re not alone. Needless to say, this one’s gonna leave its mark.

Blackbird Blackbird – “There Is Nowhere” (DWNTWN Remix)

DWNTWN can do no wrong. I immediately fell in love with their 2014 remix of Blackbird Blackbird‘s “There Is Nowhere” and I still get the chills listening to it now. I’d call it some kind of magic.

What are some of your favorite remixes?