5 Ways To Deal With Post-Festival Depression

For those of you who were chilling in the desert all weekend, soaking up those musical vibes, this Monday is probably a true disaster. There’s dirt between your toes, your ears are ringing, and all your fave festival fashion pieces are either a wrinkled mess or in complete tatters. Don’t worry… you’ll get through this somehow. Here are five ways to deal with post-festival depression.

Relive All The Moments – Your phone probably died four times a day from all the videos and photos you snapped during your festival adventure. Scroll through all your favorite pics and remember the good times!

Group Text With Your Buds – Your festival partners in crime are in the exact same boat you are. As you navigate the Monday blues, get on a group text and rehash all those little moments and memories that made your festival experience totally bonkers.

Create The Ultimate Post-Festival Playlist – Now that you’ve seen all your favorite bands totally crush it live, create your post-festival playlist. Listen to all those perfect songs on repeat to get you through the day.

Plan Your Next Festival Adventure – There’s no better way to get over a festival than planning for another one! Rally the troops and figure out your next big festival excursion. Having something to look forward to will brighten your spirits exponentially.

Go On A Cleanse – Odds are a weekend outdoors running and dancing from stage to stage took a toll on your body. Recover faster by cleansing yourself! Drink tons of water, eat clean, and maybe grab a juice or two to help your body recalibrate.