10 Thoughts That Run Through Your Mind When You Attend A Show Alone

Going to a show alone has its pros and cons but ultimately, if you’re there for the right reasons, all should be well. Unfortunately, not everyone has a buddy they can drag along with them and the thought of missing out on seeing your favorite bands live just seems unfathomable. Things could get awkward, but once you find your chill spot, it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the night…depending on who you’re standing near. These are 10 things that often run through your mind while attending a show alone:

This line is taking forever. Are the doors open yet?!

Am I invisible? It sure feels like it.

Is he/she seriously going to do that?! Maybe I should move back further…

Please don’t spill beer on me. I’m begging you!

This is kinda awkward but I’m owning it right now. All in the name of live music!

If I talk to the person next to me, will they think I’m weird?

How much longer until the band gets on stage?!

OMG! *insert friend’s name here* is totally missing out!!

I’m so glad I came! If I missed this, I don’t know what I would have done!

When’s the next show?!?