10 Things You Think When Feeling Ignored

Being ignored is a terrible mindfuck that can either go two ways: One being that you’re just being paranoid and the other person really is busy and can’t answer you at the moment or everything that’s clouding up your mind is true and they’re not the person you once thought they were. I recently went through a situation where I felt like I was being ignored and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Being ignored hurts, especially when you have developed feelings and/or admiration for someone. The worst part is that there’s really nothing you can do about it without looking like a total wackjob in the process.

These are 10 things that run through your mind when you feel like you’re being ignored:

What did I do?

Is it so hard to send a reply?!

What if I’m left wondering forever?!

Seriously though?!? HOW RUDE!

I’m a terrible person.

…Wait….maybe it didn’t send??

OK..maybe they’re just busy and not doing this on purpose..

I hope I wasn’t being annoying…or weird…or both.

I would never put someone through this.

I’m better than this! I’m over all of this!! But it still kinda hurts….