10 Festival Fashion Fails To Avoid

With Coachella and other music festivals right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your outfits. Whether you’re into functional gear or embracing the boho chic life, there are plenty of pieces to avoid like the plague. Here are 10 serious festival fashion fails to avoid this year:
Heels: No matter how cute your heels looks with your summer dress or jean shorts, avoid them like the plague. You’re going to be filled with regret and your dogs will be barking until you end up being that barefoot chick or twisting an ankle.
White Shorts: Coachella isn’t exactly a pristine affair. From the dust to sitting in the grass, your white shorts are going to be totally stained and icky by the end of the day.
Thong And Short Skirt Combo: Unless your goal is for thousands of strangers to see your butt, wear some full coverage, ladies.
Things That Give You Weird Tan Lines: Sure, your super elaborate crochet top looks cool, but if you’re not lathered up in sunscreen, think about the absurd tan lines you’ll be stuck with for weeks.
Flimsy Things That Will Break: We know it’s hot out and you want to be comfortable, but make sure your clothes won’t leave you in a serious malfunction bind.
See Through Gear With Weird Undergarments: If you’re going for the whole see-through layered look, make sure your undergarments are on point.
Native American Gear That’s Super Racist: Don’t bash somebody’s culture for the sake of looking cool at a festival. Also, you don’t look cool you just look kind of ignorant.
Confederate Flag Accents: Just… no. When in doubt, the answer is always a no.
Knee Socks: Ok, sure. There are plenty of outfits that look cute with a little sock action. But when it’s hot as balls out, let your legs live wild and free.
Furry Boots: First of all, it’s going to be hot out. Second of all, an outdoor musical festival in the hot hot heat is not a warehouse rave in 1992. Leave your raver boots at home.