Zayn Just Dropped A Smoldering Video For ‘iT’s YoU’

Zayn‘s solo career is white hot. His debut album, is an undeniable smash, and up until its release this past Friday, he’s doled out hit after hit, including the haunting ballad, “iT’s YoU.” Now, Zayn has dropped a video for the track that has all the melancholy feels. Shot in black and white, and in slow motion, Zayn watches from afar as his dream girl is just out of reach…linked to another man.

As Zayn croons about his lost love, feeling slighted, and picking up the pieces of his broken heart, his smoldering looks and melancholic emotions will squeeze your heart to the point of near explosion. Ugh…it’s so good and he’s such a babe.

Click the video above to watch now!