What Goes Through Everyone’s Head After Accidentally Liking An Instagram Post

We’ve all done it. Maybe it’s late at night and you’ve had one (or five) too many. Maybe you’re showing a friend some babe you met the other day and said friend’s fingers try to zoom in and it makes a tapping motion instead. Or maybe you’re ‘gramming while in a moving vehicle and the driver hits a bump and your digits betray you. Yeah… I’m talking about accidentally liking an Instagram post on an Instagram page you know your ass shouldn’t be on.
When it first happens, you’re straight up flabbergasted.  

Then regret immediately sets in. 

What brought you to this moment? 

You’re all… why am I lurking on that Instagram page AGAIN?!?!?

Once you get over the fact that it’s happened. You think…

Should I unlike it? 

But, what if the person notices and thinks you’re a total spaz?

You check the date and realize the photo you tapped was from 32 weeks ago, so you’re legitimately creeping.

You commit yourself to exhausting all your options to make this better.

Should you go for bust and like all of their photos?

Should you DM them with something clever that makes the random double tap a little less weird?

Or better yet… maybe you should delete your Instagram account.

Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme. But you COULD post a photo of your friend’s baby or even a dog playing with your phone.

And THEN you could like a bunch of other people’s random photos so it looks like your phone was commandeered by an adorable child or pet. 

After so many moments of stress and extreme plotting, you realize the best option is to do nothing. So you just turn off your phone and accept what is. 

And you promise yourself this is the LAST time you cyber-stalk. 

You have learned your lesson.

Until you wake up the next morning and start again.