This Is Why Justin And Selena Should Def Get Back Together

With the possibility of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together, fans around the world are wondering if another go at their never ending relationship will be the try that sticks. We’ll be the first to admit we kinda love the idea of these two working it out and here’s why.

1. They’ve grown up in the spotlight together and understand what it’s like having a relationship in the public eye.

2. Justin is still very nostalgic for the days when his bond with Selena was unbreakable.

3. Neither has found a new permanent plus one since they broke up 2 years ago.

4. They continue to express love and respect for each other to the media.

5. Both have written and recorded multiple songs about their relationship.

6. They don’t care who disapproves of rekindling their romance.

7. They have equal levels of success, so there’s no room for jealousy or feeling inferior.

8. Justin and Selena come from similar backgrounds and relate to the hardships they faced before making it big.

9. They’re older, wiser, and more prepared to take a relationship seriously without a ton of drama.

10. The two still look ridiculously good together.