Kylie Jenner Slams Rumor She’s Only Dating Tyga For His Money

It might be hard to find anyone who is a legit fan of Kylie Jenner‘s relationship with Tyga. The longtime twosome has faced cheating rumors, ex’s, minor maybe break-up and make-ups and a ton of speculation about their “status” from the media and millions of faceless names on the Internet.

In the most recent reason to cue a huge fucking eye roll, is the rumor that Kylie is only dating Tyga for his money. L-O-L.

This is what happened. A fan posted this pic of Kylie on Twitter.

Then another fan responded with: “BC her bodyguard can’t buy her a Ferrari,” referencing the extravagant 18th birthday present Tyga gave Kylie.

Kylie didn’t take this very lightly and shot back with her own tweet defending her relationship.

Kylie is worth at least $5 million in her own right, so it makes zero sense that she’d latch onto a guy for his bank account. Pretty laughable. Rumor squashed…cue mic drop.