High Profile Hollywood Feuds That Just Won’t Die

By now we’ve all seen the latest Kim Kardashian photo. You know, the naked selfie she ‘censored’ with black bars? Obviously she’s a publicity stunt queen, so it’s not all that shocking. Regardless, plenty of celebrities voiced their disdain for the post. Chloe Grace Moretz and other high profile faces took to social media, saying Kim K. should do more with her fame and captive audience than post nudes. So it seems, E!’s favorite reality star found herself in yet another feud. This got us thinking… who else is facing off in a super public way? Besides Kim K vs. feminist celebs everywhere, here are four other Hollywood feuds that won’t seem to die:

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry & Kayne West  Ok, so technically, these are two separate feuds, but neither one shows signs of dying. Taylor vs. Katy goes way back. They were close friends several years ago as their careers started to blow up, but amid rumors of Katy poaching Taylor’s touring crew and the whole John Mayer thing, these two don’t seem close to reconciliation. Same goes for Kayne. Ever since he interrupted Taylor’s VMA speech in 2009, these two are always somewhere between beefing and apologizing to one another. After Kayne’s latest tune boasted he, “made that bitch famous,” Taylor fired back during her Grammy speech saying nobody should take credit for a woman’s success. Hmm.. how can we settle these feuds? Honestly, maybe these three need to get into a room together, fire up the ‘peace pipe’ and write a hit song together. It would make the internet explode and it would line their pockets with all the cash money.

Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus 
Nicki and Miley have been duking it out like two mean girls in a high school cafeteria. They’ve been calling each other out publicly (please see the 2015 VMAs) and on Instagram by impersonating one another and using super cool terms like “hoe.’ #LAME. They’re both crazy artists who kind of look like cartoon characters, in a GOOD way. They should be besties and start the anti-girl squad. I think the remedy for this feud is a ride around town in a hot tub limo. Keep the champagne flowing and the blunts going and they’ll be all good.
Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik 
This Twitter feud (aka this super lame feud) all boils down to Taylor Swift. In an effort to stand up for his lovely lady of one year, Calvin Harris got into it with “Pillowtalk” singer, Zayn Malik about artists getting paid for their work. Insults like “dickhead” were thrown around. They should settle this beef by racing each other in furry costumes because they’re acting like a couple of children.
Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez
This diva feud goes so far back it’s kind of ridiculous. Almost TEN years so, Mariah told paparazzi she had “no idea” who Jennifer Lopez was. Well, Jenny from the block wasn’t having it. She took off her hoop earrings, clicked off her fake nails and the feud began. Earlier this week, Carey reaffirmed her cluelessness by telling a TMZ cameraman she still didn’t know who JLo was. Hilarious! This is kind of my favorite feud because it’s obviously dumb and everybody knows it.