Flashback Friday: Why We Miss TRL

Do you remember running home from school to catch Total Request Live with Carson Daly? I sure as hell do. Back in the pre-YouTube days, it was basically the only way to see your fave music videos. Plus, their special guests were forever on point. If you’re an ’80s baby longing for the simpler times of watching music videos on live TV after school (even though they usually only played one minute of them), here are the real reasons we miss TRL. #RIP 1998-2008. We’ll never forget!

The TRL Photo booth: All your favorite musicians and actors acting a fool in a photo booth? YES PLEASE.

Any time ‘NSYNC Performed: Seriously though. They always crushed in at the TRL fans would lose their damn minds.
Scoping Carson Daly’s Weird Early 2000s Outfits: Carson was always kind of towing that dork line, but he managed to interview all the wildest guests with ease.
It’s Britney, bitch! Her many appearances on TRL were always an occasion. You’d skip last period just to make sure you got home in time. Special shout out to the time she hosted with Melissa Joan Hart and struggled through reading the teleprompter.

The TRL Wedding: Because nothing says romance like getting married during a music video countdown show.

Marshall Mathers: Remember when a very blonde, very young slim shady took over TRL and turned it into EMTV? Please stand up, please stand up.

Fans Losing their SHIT: I don’t think the human race has ever been as hyped as they were standing outside of TRL.

The Unveiling of the #1 Video of the Day: Usually it was predictable, but sometimes it was pretty weird. Yeah… remember when Tom Green’s “The Bum Bum Song” was #1 on TRL?