#FBF 10 Reasons We Miss The Jonas Brothers

Let’s take it all the way back to 2007. Around that time the world was introduced to three mop-topped brothers from New Jersey. They were adorable as all get out, and they were as pure and chaste as K-Pop stars with their Disney Channel personas and promise rings. They were the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros are all grown ass men now. I mean, Kevin has even procreated! But, I think it’s safe to say we all have a soft spot for the days when they sold out stadiums and made TV movies about going to music camp. Here are 10 reasons we miss the Jonas Brothers:

1. The Hair
The curls, the bangs, the mounds of product it probably took to get their heads situated!
2. The Innocent, But Oh-So Intense Girlfriend Drama
When the JoBros were seriously on top, they took a young and glittery-guitar playing Taylor Swift on tour with them. Joe and Taylor dated and then *gasp* he broke up with her over the phone. A young TayTay wouldn’t stop bashing him. She even wrote a song about it. Sigh… to be young and famous and in love.
3. Frankie
Remember The JoBros littlest brother, Frankie? He was too young to be in the band, but they did their best to make the “Bonus Jonas” feel included.
4. Outfit Coordination
When you’re on Hollywood Records with a show on the Disney Channel, you know you’re going to coordinate your duds whether you want to or not.
5. The Song Burnin’ Up
Come on, now – don’t try to front like you didn’t love the song “Burnin’ Up.” It’s catchy as hell. Plus, they say baby like BAYBAY, so they kind of started the whole “bae” thing.
6. The Burn Out/Whining Sound They Made After Every Note
Well, we can reference Burnin’ Up for this one again. Have a listen. Every note is actually two sounds because they burn it out or throw in a post-singing whine afterwards. You kind of miss it though, don’t you?
7. Deciding What Brother You Liked Best
I mean, Joe was supposed to be your favorite. He stood in the middle. He was the middle brother and he sang most of the lead vocals. He’s the Taylor Hanson of the group. But, not-so secretly you kind of were all… once Nick Jonas turns 18, I’m totally switching my favorite.
8. TV Movies
Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2… you know you loved it. Also, Camp Rock was the grand debut of our girl Demi Lovato. They should do a Camp Rock 3 for the big screen. All the hopeful wannabe musicians and performers from camp will be overweight and have office jobs. Too real?
9. Purity Rings
Remember when you thought these dudes were just three virgins would couldn’t drive? Nowadays, those purity rings are probably collecting dust in their respective condom drawers.
10. Their Bodyguard, Big Rob
He was probably the coolest part of the entire Jonas Brothers phenomenon. I like that he talk/rapped on some of their tunes. Rob’s #1!