Exclusive: The Ready Set – Tour Diary #2

I clearly didn’t pack appropriately for this tour– leaving my house at a cool 65 degrees lead to believe, stupidly, that maybe it would not be actual winter throughout the rest of the country. You might think that I haven’t done a winter tour 10 times before. I’m in the van on the way to Pontiac, MI. I think we all slept around 4 hours last night. The question of “Why didn’t I take a bandwagon?” has crossed my mind more times than one, but what can you do? The other bands on the tour are really fun to watch, it’s always nice when the show feels super solid front to back.

My video for “Disappearing Act” comes out in a few days now and I am pretty pretty stoked. It’s probably my favorite I’ve done. I keep forgetting my album is coming out soon too- I haven’t listened to it in a long time. I feel like it’s good to detach from it so that I don’t build it up in my head as something more than it is. Today we are in Philadelphia and the weather is definitely improving, and the shows keep getting better. I’m currently sitting in a Denny’s feeling pretty good about life- all is well. I got some eggs, stay posted on that front.