Exclusive: The Ready Set – Tour Diary #1

I am typing this upon sitting down in the green room of our venue in Chicago on the first day of tour. We’ve been out for a few days playing warm up shows to route us out from LA to the midwest, but today is the official “first day”. It’s been over a year since I’ve done a proper tour- something I thought I’d feel fine with, but over time has proven to be maddening. One-off shows rarely have the excitement and buzz of the real thing, so I’m incredibly excited right now. Our spot on the tour is 2/4, which is one of my favorite positions to be in a lineup because it’s incredibly low stress.

I’m glad to finally be back in the swing of things- the new album is coming out on April 8th, and the second video is coming out in a little over a week. This feels like somewhat of a re-introduction to what The Ready Set is, or what it’s supposed to be. For the first time I feel completely clear headed about where I stand and where I am going. My only complaint is the violent cold in Chicago, and the annoying cough that decided to follow me from LA on these long drives. Of course, things could be worse. I don’t have much in terms of photos to show yet, but maybe next time. Actually, here’s a picture of a cat I saw in a car at a gas station, a photo of what an album pre-order laminate looks like, and some pictures of somebody with green hair. Time to sound check xxxxx.