Exclusive Premiere: Cooking With Cady ‘Guacamole Bitc%#es!’

Yesterday we all got to live a day-in-the-life of Oklahoma born recording artist Cady Groves, who, after recently wrapping up a 30-day tour, took over our Instagram for the day.  While her musical talent and bubbly personality already has us locked in as life long fans, she’s got a secret talent she’s sharing today on Buzznet!

Kicking off her new video series, Cooking With Cady, we’re stoked to premiere episode 1: Guacamole Bitc%#es! If you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes into drool worthy guacamole to share with your friends, Cady has got you covered! Taking us into the kitchen, Cady hilariously breaks down every ingredient and the proper prep needed to create an explosion of avocado goodness in your mouth. It’s quite possibly the best thing you’ll see all day.

Cady released her EP, Dreams, in October and gave it away for free to her fans as a thank you for their undying support, which is awesome, seeing how it’s kinda the perfect thing to listen to while making your own Cady-style guac. You can hop on over to Spotify HERE to start listening now, and keep your eyes peeled because Cady is heading back out to play more shows throughout the Spring. We can’t wait!

Click play now to get your guac on!

For more on Cady, visit her website cadygroves.com