Exclusive: Alyson Stoner’s Fierce “Woman” Video Will Knock You Out

You probably know Alyson Stoner from her appearances in some of the hottest Missy Elliott videos from when she was seven (yes, she was the “little pig-tailed dancer”) or Disney’s Camp Rock franchise. Last year, she made YouTube history with her tribute to Missy Elliot garnering over 15 million views in record time! However, if you’re not familiar with Stoner’s new music, you’re in for a treat. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s a woman now and this triple-threat has no plans on stopping any time soon – something her new single, “Woman” embraces.

The video for “Woman,” directed by Roman White (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber) showcases Stoner in a way fans have never seen her before, catapulting her to the top of the pop charts one beat at a time.

We’re sure you’ve been captivated by Alyson’s dance moves over the years and now you can follow along and learn the steps to “Woman” in this exclusive video from Alyson and choreographer, Comfort Fedoke!

“Woman” is available now here.