Buzz Bites: Zac Efron Introduces His Hunky Baywatch Alter-Ego

Hey there Tuesday…with the Oscar buzz beginning to die down, let’s take a peek at what other stuff people are buzzing about online!

Kylie Jenner is trying to trademark her name, which is causing a huge issue with Kylie Minogue. Yeah it’s just not gonna happen…hopefully.

Thanks to a leaked tour flyer, it appears as though Zayn Malik will take on show opening duties for Justin Bieber during a slew of dates in the UK. Um…can we say millennial dream come true??

Hackers successfully broke into the Twitter account of 15-year-old Josh Holz and deleted the “Damn Daniel” tweet that went viral with over 300k RTs! LAME.

Zac Efron has officially introduced us to his Baywatch character Matt Brody via a too hot to handle twitter pic…and OMFG…droooool.

Annnnd…before we fully move on from Leonardo DiCaprio’s long awaited Oscar win, let’s take one more look at that WINNING SMILE. Ugh…he’s perfection.