Buzz Bites: Vanessa Hudgens Proves She’s Nothing Short Of An Inspiration

Wait…how is it already Wednesday?? Not complaining, but sheesh is this week flying by! Let’s see what everyone online is talking about, shall we??

Apparently Justin Bieber and his vocals weren’t enough for Kanye West, who reportedly cut the Biebs acapella on his new album Life Of Pablo. ::shrug::

Speaking of Biebs, just when you got super excited that Zayn Malik was going to be opening up for Justin in a slew of UK dates, turns out it’s totally not true.

Joe Jonas‘ new band DNCE dropped a cover of Rihanna and Drake‘s “Work” and it’s ummm…well just take it for a spin below and see how you feel.

Britney Spears graces the 100th issue cover of V magazine and looks so babe it’s almost hard to look.

Annnd…if Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t already proven she’s a pillar of strength after losing her father to cancer at the end of January, what she had to say about her loss at the Vanity Fair Oscar party was beyond touching and inspirational to anyone who has had to say good-bye someone close to them. Love you V!