Buzz Bites: Matt Healy Defends Those Taylor Swift Dating Comments

It’s the first Monday of Spring! Woooo! Let’s see what the seasonal change has buzzing online.

Everyone is freakin’ out again because Justin Bieber posted a throwback photo of him and Selena Gomez kissing. Justin is def not over her.


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Some internet troll hacked into Harry Styles‘ mom’s icloud and stole a slew of personal pics featuring Harry and Kendall Jenner. QIR…can’t anyone just have a life anymore??

After Matt Healy said he was relieved he never dated Taylor Swift, he received so much backlash he posted the following explanation of his words and a few choice thoughts about the media.

Uhhhhmmm we’re really fucking excited to hear news that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill have signed on to star in a new dark comedy show, Maniac.

Annnd…if you ever meet Kylie Jenner…she’ll basically cut you if all you want is a snapchat.