Buzz Bites: Bella Thorne Started Sh*t With Chloe Moretz and Zac Efron’s Abs Are Insane

Wait…how did we already get to Wednesday?! Halfway to the weekend! Let’s see what’s buzzing online…

Bella Thorne has started beef with Chloe Grace Moretz in regards to a naked bathroom selfie Kim Kardashian posted to Twitter.

On that note, Miley Cyrus thinks the whole feud is dumb as fuck and has hopped online to tell everyone to STFU and spend the energy on something that will help and benefit those less fortunate.

If you were wondering what’s going to happen with One Direction, Simon Cowell, who formed the group on The X Factor, gave E! News a lil’ update. Click to play below!

Speaking of One Direction, romance rumors are flying over Niall Horan‘s casual hang with model Jessica Serfaty, who briefly had “a thing” with Joe Jonas. Eeep!

Annnnd…Zac Efron is looking every bit the part (and more!) of a California beach babe on the set of the Baywatch movie. His abs are literally INSANE.