Taylor Swift’s High Profile Celebrity Beefs Of Past And Present

When you’re on top, haters are going to hate and in turn, you’ll probably end up spewing some venom yourself. That’s where our girl Taylor Swift is at. As the reigning queen of pop with a crazy cool girl squad and a wicked famous EDM DJ boyfriend, there’s bound to be beef in her midst. If you’re in the limelight a little bit of controversy whether its real, imagined, or just super exaggerated will pop up in the tabloids. Let’s take a peak at some of T-Swift’s high profile spats.

Katy Perry – Whether it was over their shared-ex John Mayer, poaching each other’s touring musicians, or secret beef we don’t even know about, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift won’t be mending fences any time soon. That bad blood runs deep.

Demi Lovato – Demi and Taylor have never been squad level pals. Perhaps Selena Gomez, former Demi BFF and current Taylor BFF has something to do with it? Regardless, Demi could not resist throwing a little shade at Taylor for donating $250K to Kesha after she lost her legal battle with Dr. Luke. They’re both trying to help in their own way, but Demi doesn’t exactly think throwing money at it is the way to go.

Joe Jonas – It seems like her age old problems with the middle JoBro are long gone. They’ve both grown up and moved on, but way back in 2008 when they dated, Taylor was not too happy with Joe’s breakup techniques. A phone call breakup was not cool in her book! She made it her mission to tell the world, through funny videos, throwing interview shade, and the song “Forever and Always.”

Nicki Minaj – Last year, Taylor and Nicki Minaj had a Twitter fight over MTV VMA nominations. Minaj was bummed at not being nominated, saying only videos that celebrated skinny women received a nod. Swifty considered that a direct insult, but was quick to apologize after the pair spoke offline. This is why fights should never go digital! We all read between the lines a little too much.

Tina Fey – When Tina and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes in 2013, T-Swift was the butt of a few dating jokes. Taylor wasn’t particularly stoked on the humor, later telling Vanity Fair that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” Yikes.

Kayne West – Where do we even begin with this one? Well, I guess it all started when Kayne interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA speech in 2009. They both wrote songs about the situation and things were looking OK for awhile. They hugged it out and the feud seemed to simmer until earlier this year when West included a lyric that said “I made that bitch famous” in a new track. Taylor was not exactly pleased and not so subtly called him out during her most recent Grammy win.

John Mayer – John Mayer is just a resident heartbreaker. He really pulled a number on a young and impressionable Taylor Swift. For a play by play of that heartbreak, we have the tune “Dear John” off the 2010 Speak Now album.