8 Best And Worst Foods To Eat On A First Date

Most first dates are awkward AF. You get all gussied up and go out to a restaurant in hopes of finding love, but how can you really concentrate on making conversation when you’re just trying not to look like a monster inhaling food? If you’re getting primed and ready for a first date, here are the best and worst foods to consume while sitting across from your potential love match.
Long live risotto! It’s tasty and easily consumed via spoon. No awkward chewing and biting needed.
Much like risotto, a soup can be eaten without much fuss. Avoid something like pho or ramen though. You don’t want to be slurping up noodles all night.
Chicken Fingers & French Fries
Obviously, chicken fingers and french fries are super delicious. We totally back them as a first dates food because they’re easy to eat and easy to share. Also, everyone loves chicken fingers and fries. If your date isn’t down, you can just end it right then and there.
Protein & Veggies
If you find yourself at a fancy restaurant, go with a protein and vegetable entree that you can cut up demurely. Your date doesn’t need to know you hardly use knives when eating at home.
A Big Ass Sandwich
Sandwiches make life worth living, but they not exactly sexy first date food, especially if we’re talking about crusty hard to bite bread stuffed mile-high with fixings.
In theory ordering a salad on a first date seems like an excellent idea. But when you have giant pieces of lettuce hanging out of your mouth and little salad pieces lodged in your teeth, you’ll be filled with regrets.
Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings smothered in orange hot sauce and served with chunky blue cheese dressing might be the most unattractive eating combination known to man. If a food requires a post-meal wet nap, save it for another night.
Corn On The Cob
I think we can all agree biting into corn on the cob doesn’t exactly lead to first base. Unless you want to brush your teeth and floss in the bathroom after dinner, save the corn cobs for a friendly BBQ.