7 Reasons Why You Really Should GAF

The art of not caring has been around for as long as we can remember but as a new generation takes hold of the term, I can’t help but notice how much people are actually taking it seriously. Sure, some of us say we don’t care about certain things, but deep down we know we really do. The fact of the matter is it’s perfectly okay to GAF. Caring only means that it speaks to you and if it speaks to you, then ultimately, it matters.

Of course, there are instances when not giving a fuck is perfectly okay such as when someone decides to dull your shine for no apparent reason. Not caring about the insecurities of others who are only trying to make you look bad seems reasonable; that’s their problem and it’s not going to stop you from being awesome. However, I’ve noticed that society is taking this whole not caring thing a little too far to the point where it’s just straight up disrespectful. Here are 7 reasons why you really should GAF:

It affects your reputation at work/school.

When it comes to your work, everything should matter. If you show up dressed like a slob, in a cranky mood or just flat out disrespectful, it reflects poorly on you, the work that you are responsible for and ultimately, the company you represent. Ever see those shirts that say, “I literally do not care at all?” I saw a receptionist wearing one in a doctor’s office and unfortunately, it matched everything about this girl’s personality and rude behavior – not to mention how she screwed up my appointment time because she, you guessed it, literally did not care at all. Maybe find a job you’re happy with? Just a suggestion. Oh, and maybe try not wearing a shirt like that in a place where you most definitely should give a damn about your boss’ patients.

Caring shapes your personality and self-improvement.

If you continue to not GAF about anything you do, you’re missing out on some rewarding life lessons along the way. Our personalities are being shaped right now and what we’re not happy with, we have the ability to change and work on over time. Think about the person you always envisioned yourself to be and go chase it! Don’t keep feeding your ego because one day your head might explode.

Caring allows us to live mindfully.

Admit it. You’ve gone through days, weeks, even months of your life on autopilot. We need to allow ourselves to be present all of the time no matter how painful a certain situation may be. A friend of mine recently told me a story about how she was on the subway one day coming home from work when she saw a child comforting a homeless woman who was in distress. That moment would have gone unnoticed if she had her headphones on while staring at her phone like she normally does. While it can be nice to shut out the world once in a while, especially on a crowded train in the middle of rush hour, some moments can only be felt when we’re truly mindful and aware of our surroundings.

Not enough people care about anything.

I’ve always been a bit of a highly sensitive person and being that I’m an introvert, I pay attention to a lot of things most people tend to ignore – whether it’s witnessing a nasty encounter between random people on the street to just how inconsiderate some young people are to the elderly. You never know how the simple act of acknowledging a stranger can impact their day for the better. Caring isn’t going to cost you anything. It might even brighten your day, too.

Caring shows others that you hear them.

Do you know how many times I have to repeat myself day in and day out because people just don’t care enough to listen? When I actually do find people who bring up little things I’ve mentioned, it shows that they care and it makes me feel appreciated because I know that whatever I say isn’t going through one ear and out the other. Listen. Pay attention and make sure you’re letting those you love know that you care about what they have to say. This comes in handy especially in the workplace!

The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Think about everything you’ve heard about millennials. It’s pretty disheartening, right? Some might even call it a little offensive. Now think about how you live your life on a daily basis. Were you kind? Mindful? Present? Considerate? Did all of your decisions only affect you personally? If most of those questions made you tense up a bit, it might be time to reevaluate some things. While not all millennials are the same, it really makes you wonder what others are seeing that we’re not. Why would they be making such horrible accusations against a group of people if certain traits weren’t evident? Bottom line: Rise above what others are expecting of you. Just because you fit in a certain age bracket, doesn’t mean you should be a clone. Shock everyone and show them you’re not like the others.

Not caring just isn’t cute.

You know what’s cute? Compassion. You know what’s selfless? Loving someone without knowing if they will ever love you back. I understand that a lot of us have been burned in the past – I’m the queen of being slapped in the face with reality – but when we live selflessly, the right people start to notice and that bad cycle starts to break, leading us into a healthier way of life where we actually start to GAF along with others who care as well. Caring isn’t a disease. It’s a way of showing that our hearts are still beating. Imagine what this world would be like if everyone cared about one another. You know what else isn’t cute? Indifference.

Bottom line: By not giving a fuck, you’re showing your immaturity. Choose your battles wisely and more often than not, you really should GAF.