7 Fictitious ’90s Babes Whose Style Was Mint

Are you sick of hearing, thinking, and dreaming about the ’90s? My guess is it’s a resounding HELL NO. After all, the ’80s deserve a break. I mean, early 2000s was all about celebrating those ’80s scrunchies and stretch pants vibes. Now, we’re focused on the grunge in all its glory and it might never go away. (Fingers crossed it’s long-lasting because a perfect flannel collection is hard won.) Anyways, as we prepare for the weekend and non-stop adventure, let’s reflect on seven movie characters from the ’90s whose style was on point. From Cher in Clueless and Lelaina in Reality Bites to the retro looks in the ’90s hits Dazed and Confused and Pulp Fiction, this decade was jam-packed with style inspiration.