5 Tough Lessons The Divergent Series Teaches Us About Life

The Divergent Series has a way of sneaking important life lessons in the middle of a good sci-fi dystopian thriller. That’s what I call good storytelling. Thanks, Veronica Roth! While we love watching Tris (Shailene Woodley) kick some ass on the big screen while teaming up with her leading man, Four (Theo James) there’s definitely a lot to take away from the series if you’re looking for some guidance. From the many sacrifices in Divergent to the life-changing revelation at the end of Insurgent, it’s about to get real in the third installment, Allegiant, in theaters today!

Here are 5 tough lessons this exciting series teaches us about life:

1. Bravery isn’t about being fearless.

Scared? Do it anyway. Life begins at the end of our comfort zones. Tris is proof of that.

2. You need to fight for what you believe in.

This often can be taken out of context, but when you choose your battles wisely, all falls into place. But you need to stand up or no one else will.

3. Love happens when you least expect it.

After leaving her faction of Abnegation, Tris never imagined ever falling in love, or finding Tobias. Stop looking for love and it shall find you.

4. What sets us apart is what makes us special.

People will try to put you in a box (or in this case, a faction) to which you do not feel adequately matches who you truly are. Society is afraid of our differences, hence why there is so much chaos in the world today. It takes courage to be who you really are in a world that wants change everything right about you. You might just find that you’re the answer to what the world needs.

5. Never accept the status-quo.

There’s always more than what we’re expected to be. Look harder.