WIN: Nicholas Mauro ‘Puppies Over People’ Flannel!

Here at Buzznet, we’re super supportive of up-and-coming fashion lines, especially when A-list celebs have taken notice and rock their threads on the regs. So it’s a no brainer that our current obsession is Nicholas Mauro flannels. The Massachusetts based designer got his start in retail before striking out on his own to create his own line of customized vintage flannels, and ditched the idea of going about his business the corporate way.

The results so far have been pretty freakin’ impressive. Along with his work appearing in Demi Lovato‘s “Waitin For You” video, other celebs and online influencers like, Sirah, Jeffree Star, Samii Ryan, Hanna Beth, Neon Hitch and more, have snagged their own NM gear to keep them on top of the current revival of ’90s inspired trends.

Starting this week we’ll be giving away one of two NM flannels right here on Buzznet! If you’re obsessed with puppies, you’re gonna want to enter for a chance to win this super sweet, soft and statement making “Puppies Over People” flannel.

Entering is suuuper easy too! All you have to do is click HERE to tweet your entry!

We’ll be picking a winner Monday Feb. 29th! If you don’t win this time, don’t worry because we’ll be giving away a second flannel next week so keep your eyes peeled for another chance to win!

Good luck!