Trend To Try: Fancy ‘Sport’ Sandals?

The triumphant return of the Birkenstock as a legitimate fashion blogger-approved footwear option was only the prequel. Everybody knew it was just a matter of time before more questionable looking, but oh-so comfortable sandal options became trendy again. Teva, the sport sandal you rocked as a kid that has only been seen on the feet of outdoor enthusiasts and the elderly for the last decade or two, is fully in the spotlight now. You can buy Tevas at Urban Outfitters and it’s not even ironic. Your friends will say, “OMG, CUTE” when you show up rocking all white Tevas and a sundress. But now, shit is getting real. Fancy sport sandals modeled after Tevas are a legit trend, with designers asking for triple digits to rock the fug. So, are you ready to embrace the fancy sport sandal trend?