Demi Lovato Basically Threw Shade At Taylor Swift And Doesn’t Give A F*ck

So in case you haven’t checked the Internet in a few days, you may have missed the major buzz surrounding Kesha. The pop-singer filed an injunction with the court to terminate the remainder of her contract with SONY music, after filing charges of emotional, mental, and sexual abuse against famed producer, Dr. Luke over the course of 10 years.

Last Friday, a judge ruled in favor of SONY music, thus keeping Kesha in her contract, in an environment where she feels unsafe and unable to create new music. This has caused an uproar among some of music’s A-list female entertainers including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Halsey, Lorde, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, and Demi Lovato.

Of this group, Demi has been the most vocal, even calling out “self-proclaimed feminists” for not showing support and solidarity with the rest of the Internet.

While names weren’t used, Taylor Swift seemingly got the hint and donated $250,000 to help with Kesha’s legal fees. While Kesha’s mom was super thankful, Demi wasn’t so impressed by the generous cash donation and made sure she let everyone know it.

But it didn’t end there. Later a Swiftie called out Demi for trying to turn the spotlight on herself instead of keeping it on Kesha’s sensitive situation. Being the confident, outgoing girl she is, Demi shot back and it’s definitely an eye brow raiser.

Taylor has yet to respond to Demi’s statements, but a few things are pretty clear.

  1. What is happening to Kesha is NOT OK.
  2. Demi doesn’t give three fucks if she’s on good terms with Taylor.
  3. Demi isn’t going to back down.
  4. Demi’s voice is only going to get bigger, louder and more insistent in regards to the respect and safety of women everywhere.

We’ll be keeping you updated as things unfold. But high five to Demi for being such a badass, loyal friend and supporter.