5 Most Ridiculous Fat Shaming Moments In Hollywood

The Internet has quickly become a convenient platform for hate. It’s super unfortunate, but nowadays, safe behind computer screens and smart phones, plenty of people feel comfortable spewing negativity and #hatehatehate on others. Let’s look back on five of the worst and most absurd fat shaming moments in Hollywood and remind each other to be less judgmental. After all, celebrities are still human beings even if they live their lives in the spotlight!

Selena Gomez

Back in May of 2015, photos of Selena Gomez vacationing in a bikini surfaced. Sure, her figure was slightly fuller, but she was on vacation without a movie or album to promote and she had just gone through a break up. Let’s be real people, nobody can maintain a perfect svelte figure year-round under high profile break-up conditions or even normal conditions. Plus, I’m pretty sure she was just wearing an oddly cut bikini because girl is tiny.

While Selena was just doing her and trying to chill at the beach, the Internet exploded with negativity and criticism over her still stunning figure. The barrage of insults was ridiculous and Gomez admitted she sought therapy after the incident. Strangers in airports would even yell “You’re fat!” right at her. Luckily, she’s over it and better than ever. She looks incredible and her new album is killing it.

Jessica Simpson

You know you’re on another fat shaming level when you criticize a pregnant woman, am I right? Back in 2011, when Jessica Simpson was pregnant and growing a human child inside her belly, the press and paparazzi went totally mental. She was judged for gaining “too much weight” during her pregnancy and photos of her were splashed all over gossip magazines for the peanut gallery to weigh in on. (Pun unintended, but I’m keeping it.) Simpson, always the good sport and business savvy woman, later became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. It became a very lucrative business venture for her, so jokes on all the haters!

Tyra Banks

Who could forget those beach photos of Tyra Banks in a one-piece? The Internet and gossip rags could not get enough of images of the supermodel looking slightly larger than normal due to some really bad camera angles. Not one to take the criticism lying down, Tyra Banks shot back at the press, paparazzi, and haters on her talk show, Tyra. Her response was pretty magical.

Lady GagaLady Gaga has always been pretty open about her struggles with anorexia and bulimia. Naturally, the Internet doesn’t care about your real life problems. Instead, when she appeared a little heavier back in 2013, fans and haters alike responded harshly, calling her fat and “not sexy.” Well, Gaga didn’t take it lying down. She posted photos on Instagram of her new body with pride and started what she dubbed the Body Revolution. A few years later and she’s a Golden Globe winning actress, a music superstar, and engaged to a total babe, Taylor Kinney. Take that, evil shamers.

Amy Schumer

2015 was a huge year for comedian Amy Schumer. Her show, Inside Amy Schumer, continues to kill it with hilarious sketches and great female empowerment themes, and her film Trainwreck was a hit at the box office. With all the success and a new barrage of celebrity pals like Jennifer Lawrence, Schumer quickly catapulted to the A List. With her fresh status, criticism of her body and looks ran rampant. As a comedian, she handled much of the criticism with grace and often joked about the diet and exercise regimen she had to embrace before filming Trainwreck.

Personally, I thought she brought up some excellent points when her nearly nude Annie Leibovitz photos were released. While the trolls made negative comments about her body, the press embraced her and called her decision to pose in her undies “brave.” Why is it brave for a beautiful woman to pose this way? Do we call supermodels brave? Are Victoria’s Secret campaigns about the bravery of posing in lingerie? Or, do we think Amy Schumer is brave because we don’t think her body is up to snuff? All I want to say on the topic is that Amy Schumer is totally gorgeous and hilarious and her voice is important to the cultural landscape. She’s a beautiful A-list actress who posed in unmentionables. That’s all. Let’s not reverse shame her and call the photos brave! Just call them what they are – stunning!

Have you ever been fat shamed? How did you handle the negativity?