5 ‘Full House’ Mysteries ‘Fuller House’ Must Answer

I’ve been a Full House nerd since childhood and I will openly admit that I have every season on DVD. While the hit 90’s sitcom always manages to take us back to when our only problems were Tanner family-related in the span of 30 minutes, I can’t help but wonder about a few questions that have gone unanswered for 20+ years. Now, with the upcoming premiere of the Netflix original spin-off, Fuller House, coming this Friday, February 26, I’m hoping these mysteries are answered with some glorious fan gratification! Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Why was Joey single?

We all know Joey Gladstone’s character (played by Dave Coulier) was quite wacky, being the comedian that he was but why was this man single? Sure he had his derpy moments that aggravated Uncle Jesse, but underneath all of that was a sweet, funny, and let’s be honest, adorable, guy! Who wouldn’t want a man to wake you up with cartoon impressions?! Just me? OK fine…

What on earth happened to DJ and Steve?

We all know that harrowing breakup scene between DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Steve (Scott Weinger) on the rocks and how just the sound of DJ’s voice saying, “I’ll be okay,” reminded us of our own break ups and sent us into fits of hysterics. Steve eventually returned to take DJ to her senior prom during the series finale, but after that, what happened between them? Did the prom reignite the spark they once had or did they go their separate ways again? This MUST be answered!

Did Jesse’s band take off?

Rock n’ roll god/hair extraordinaire, Jesse (played by John Stamos) spent the entire duration of Full House‘s 8 seasons kick-starting his music career. Eventually, things really started to take off – even during the trials of the Jesse and the Rippers breakup he still managed to come back bigger and better. But did his career go further than that or is he still stuck in 1995? Did Jesse give up music to take care of his wife Becky and the twins, Nicky and Alex? Is his music available on Spotify? Did he win a GRAMMY? This should be interesting!

What ever happened to Vicky?

Vicky (Gail Edwards) made a splash in the Tanner household once she started dating Danny (Bob Saget) in season 5. The couple even got engaged at the end of season 6 during the Walt Disney World trip only to break up in season 7 after disputes on Vicky’s burgeoning career. By far one of the most devastating breakups in TV history besides the DJ/Steve debacle, the Vicky/Danny thing will always linger in the shadows. We need to know if these two rekindled their romance immediately because a love like that does not come around every day!

Did Kimmy ever find her calling in life?

After high school graduation, Kimmy Gibbler, (played by Andrea Barber) had no idea where life would take her. She even considered marrying her sweetheart of the moment, Duane (whatever…) while later opting in for a shot at a community college. One of life’s biggest mysteries in Full House fandom has been the new life of Kimmy Gibbler. Does she have kids? Is she still as eccentric as she was throughout most of her life? Does she still barge into the Tanner house uninvited? Has she taken control of her foot odor problem? Hopefully all of those questions will be answered soon…or you know…

What are some of your Full House mysteries?