5 Celebrity Over Share Moments That Went Too Far

Social media gives all human beings the opportunity to over share. Whether it’s endless selfies or live tweeting your trip to the grocery store, we can share all aspects of our lives with friends and total strangers alike. Celebrities, if willing, can do the exact same thing and sometimes it gets them into a little trouble. Whether it’s a total TMI or just a weirdly, uncomfortable publicity stunt, here are five celebrity overshare moments that we can all agree went a little too far:
Miley Cyrus
I suppose Miley Cyrus’s entire Instagram feed is just one giant over share. It’s the real definition of #nofilter. Sure, she encourages her followers to masturbate daily and has no problem with nudity, but where she really overshares is in the pot department. Yes, Miley lives in California where pot is legal with a medical marijuana card, but still. If you’re going to get high and smoke pot everyday and it’s legal, that’s chill. But, maybe don’t push it on millions of Instagram followers who may be young, impressionable, and living in states that don’t get down with Mary Jane just yet.
Amanda Bynes
I like to remember early 2000s Amanda Bynes. You know, the sweet and funny fresh-faced gal from What A Girl Wants or She’s The Man. That Amanda was rad. Then the downward spiral began and Amanda really took it to another level when she tweeted “I want @Drake to murder my vagina” back in 2013. Dafuq? What a weird thing to say publicly. It’s confusing and awkward and presents a really gnarly visual. TMI, Bynes!
Kayne West
Let’s start by saying it’s cool to be hyped on your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or lover. Relationships are great. Love is everything. We know this. What we don’t need to know is HOW much you love your lover by sharing sappy tweets and photos and kissy pics on the regular, you know? Kayne West is certainly guilty of oversharing on a lot of topics on social media, but sometimes his Kim K love is a little too in your face. Take March 16, 2015 for example. On that day, Kayne posted 8 photos/tweets of his naked lover with all kinds of admiration from just saying SWISHHHH to I’M SO LUCKY. It’s great to love your partner, but come on now. Save it for the real world, not the digital one.
Justin Bieber
Now that the Biebs is kind of grown up and has managed to mold his child body into a tattooed and sort of buff man body, he’s all about the social media over share. I mean, I get it. He probably works out a ton and lives off protein shakes and grilled chicken breast to keep it tight, but sometimes you wonder if he owns shirts or if his iPhone is locked on the selfie setting. Let’s call his whole life an over share, but this bare ass photo was the cherry on top.
I know we’re all supposed to be #FreeKesha right now, with or without all the facts on what’s going on between her at Dr. Luke, BUT back in 2012, Kesha tweeted a photo of herself peeing in the street. Sure, many a drunk girl has probably pulled the same move on a shameful night in a dire emergency, but we don’t really need to see that. It’s crusty.