Trend To Try: The Cabbage Soup Diet?

Are you looking to shed some pounds fast leading up to a big event like a wedding, prom, or a trip to the beach? Well, plenty of people swear by the cabbage soup diet. This questionable diet isn’t exactly nutritionist and doctor-approved, but trendy dieters claim they can lose up to 10 pounds in just seven days using the cabbage soup regimen. This week-long diet fad involves eating nothing but cabbage soup and water, plus a couple extras each day like fruit, vegetables, or a baked potato.
This diet plan works because it’s low fat, high fiber, and cabbage soup has virtually no calories. It’s an inexpensive dieting option, but unfortunately, it’s not all that great for your body. It’s redundant eating-wise and your body needs vitamins, sufficient calories, and protein to function properly. Plus, many experts believe you’ll only lose water weight on this diet, so once your cabbage soup week ends, you might gain even more weight back.
Would you try this diet trend to lose weight fast? Let us know what you think and as always, try to love yourself, your body, and embrace healthy eating habits long term instead of “quick fixes.”