Listen: Wildcat! Wildcat! Drop ‘Straight To The Top’

Wildcat! Wildcat! haven’t released any new music for our indie rock loving ears since 2014, but with the release of their fresh new track, “Straight To The Top,” it’s clear the wait was worth it. The Los Angeles based indie duo, made up of Jesse Taylor (vox/bass/keys) and Jesse Carmichael (drums/keys/programming), dedicated 2015 to write and record new songs, and if their new single is any indication of what’s in store, there’s reason to be pretty freakin’ excited.

The track offers up all the elements of a play-on-repeat worthy song. Woozy vocals, dreamy bouncy beats, and synthy undertones keep the head bobbing to its infectious shoulder swaying melody. It’s so good!

About their new music, the band said in a statement, the approach was allowing their new music to unfold naturally, which resulted in something they are proud to share with their loyal following.

“We couldn’t be more thankful to our fans who have supported us and been waiting for new music for over a year. Our music belongs as much to them as it does to us, and from the beginning it’s always felt like we somehow become a part of what our fans have reflected back to us in the way they listen and respond. That kind of bond is really something special to be a part of so we are definitely looking forward to this next chapter with them.”

Take “Straight To The Top” for a spin below!