DYNAMITE! Is The Hottest New Social Video App You Need Now!

Hey Guys, we know you love sharing your stories on video and photo apps on your smartphone, so when we stumbled upon DYNAMITE! it was a no brainer that we had to share it with you.

DYNAMITE! allows you to record video messages you can share publicly, privately, and be as silly or serious as you want. However, the feature that sets DYNAMITE! apart from other video apps is you get to mask your face with different levels of blurring, your favorite celebrity face, emoji or object!

The technology finds your pupils so the masks will always line up perfectly with your face to keep your identity hidden, making it more comfortable to really let loose without fear of feeling self-conscious! You can share your videos on Twitter and Facebook, which your friends are going to love. Seriously.

Not gonna lie, we’ve been kind of obsessed with making videos and checking out other user profiles for inspiration! Check out a few below and go download it NOW. It’s FREE, FUN, and getting realllly POPULAR.