5 Reasons To Fall In Love With St. Lucia’s ‘Matter’

It isn’t hard to fall in love with Brooklyn synthpop ensemble, St. Lucia. It was love at first listen for myself when I discovered their self-titled debut EP back in 2012 and the excitement was palpable during the release of their 2013 debut LP, When The Night. Now, at last, the moment St. Lucia fans have been waiting for is finally here! Today the band releases their sophomore record, Matter, and if you haven’t already bought it, we’ve got 5 reasons why you should!

1. Matter offers a much bigger and better sound!

The band has experimented a lot with this record but it all comes down to the fact that this record expands on the already-established, signature St. Lucia sound. While previous material was a bit more airy and tropical, the tracks on Matter take all of that and dial it up to 10 – something that fans will be craving more of.

2. Glorious synths and 80’s feels.

If you know me, you know I’m all about those synths and 80’s pop feels. St. Lucia have always been at the forefront of the synthpop genre and this record, like previously stated, has all that and more! Just the sax alone in “Physical” will keep you on your toes. So good!

3. It’s lyrically thought-provoking.

Not only is Matter jam-packed with ear candy, but the lyrical content – a crucial part of any album – is stellar. Delving into the heart of the matter (pun intended) of an individual’s existential fears, the record shares the sentiments of those who have come to the realization that there must be more to life than what society feeds us.

4. A definite crowd-pleaser when played live.

There’s no denying that this record is going to be huge when played live! St. Lucia always packs on the high energy during their shows and this album is going to be like a sucker punch to the senses…in the best way possible, of course. Get your tickets now here.

5. It’s an instant mood-lifter!

Matter is one of those records that can instantly boost your mood – something the band has been known for since their debut. So grab your headphones, shut the door and jam out to one of the buzziest albums of 2016!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up St. Lucia’s Matter today here! Run!