5 Reasons Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” Video Is Her Best Yet

It’s pretty obvious that Taylor Swift is winning right now. After a killer year touring the world on her 1989 World Tour, the singer left her mark on 2015 in an explosive way with her video for “Out Of The Woods” – which knocks all of her previous videos out of the, um well…woods. We put together 5 reasons why this is by far the best video Swift has released yet so you can obsess along with us…because it’s just that good! Watch the video below first so we don’t spoil anything!

1. Top notch visuals.

This video is pure eye candy magic! From the scenic, snowy hilltops to the gorgeous Cinderella-blue dress Swift wears throughout the video, I couldn’t help but watch a few extra times to take it all in.

2. Gorgeous fairy-tale element with a modern twist.

While most fairy tales end with finding a prince, Taylor took this one up a notch and made it her own modern-era fairy tale of enduring more than any Disney princess has dealt with before all while discovering her true strength in the process. The wolves only make it more exciting and Little Red Riding Hood-esque!

3. The many fear landscapes.

What didn’t Taylor experience during her walk through the woods? The video poignantly expresses all of the fears one might have in a lifetime if you were a part of a storybook. To round it up, Swift was chased by wolves, almost fell off a cliff while giving those with a fear of heights anxiety, floated through water like it was NBD, was pretty much stranded throughout the entire video in extreme cold & snow with just a little dress on – then of course there’s the frostbite, that murky swamp, being tangled up in vines and that horrible forest fire nobody alerted Smokey The Bear to! Whew! What a trouper!

4. The perfect symbolic ending of what she had to endure to become who she is now.

“She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.”

I don’t think I’ve ever resonated with a video more. She clearly had to walk through fire while losing him in the process. But did you notice this guy is nowhere to be found? I hate to break it to you ladies, but that’s usually how it goes. Once she emerges from the woods, she finds herself. She is now aware. Stronger. Mindful.

5. Clearly the best way to end 2015.

While “Out Of The Woods” premiered on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, it was pretty much the best way to say goodbye to 2015. While we so often live our lives trying to avoid every rough patch and uncomfortable situation, those moments are what shape us into who we are meant to be, making us stronger in the process. Just look at the way Ms. Swift walks out of those woods like a boss! A perfect depiction of starting a new year while putting a long, tumultuous one behind us, there’s nothing more freeing than hearing you’re in the clear. It’s time to start anew and we can’t wait to see what Taylor has up her sleeve next!

What are your favorite moments from the “Out Of The Woods” video?