5 Epic Stage Falls Of Music’s A-List

I guess it’s safe to say that falling on stage is inevitable at some point in a performer’s life; taking it with a grain of salt, however, is the key to survival. We’ve all fallen in public at some point whether you’re a celebrity or not and now with the use of cell phone cameras, our embarrassing moments are captured for the world to see while some even go viral! There’s nothing better than a performer who laughs at themselves, making our personal stories of falling in public easier to live with. These five artists do just that…a lot!

One Direction

1D recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to relive some of their most epic stage dives. Their expressions are priceless as this seems to be something they deal with a lot on tour!


Britney Spears

This queen of pop is no stranger to stage mishaps! The singer twisted her ankle last April during one of her residency shows in Vegas but kept on performing right through the pain like the pro that she is. Watch below and try not to clap.

Demi Lovato

If you’re a Demi fan, you’re probably familiar with her frequent trips to the floor during a show – something that the singer herself finds to be something that is considered as hilarity. This clip, from one of the singer’s early summer 2009 tour stops, shows Demi falling during a song while joking and laughing about it afterwards. You gotta love her!

Taylor Swift

Ms. Swift may have been rocking out a little too hard during a 2010 tour stop performance of “Forever and Always” – possibly getting all of her Joe Jonas frustrations out at the time? The singer took a dive after walking down the stairs and it was pretty audible. As always, that didn’t keep Taylor from continuing on with her epic performance.

Dave Grohl

As if you didn’t already know that Dave Grohl is a legend, his most recent stage fall last year in Sweden proves it. After taking a major tumble, the Foo Fighters frontman got back up on stage with a cast on and continued the show like a boss! The rock god continued on with the tour in his rock n’ roll throne, making it the most memorable music moment of 2015!

Have you ever fallen in public?