30 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs And The Meaning Behind Them

Even if you don’t have tattoos, it’s easy to be intrigued by those brave enough to go under the gun and get something permanently put on their body. One of our personal faves here at Buzznet are dreamcatcher inspired designs because, just like a tattoo, each one is a little different.

Rooted in Native American culture, dreamcatchers come with with several different symbols and beliefs. Using it as inspiration for ink, it has become a popular tattoo across a spectrum of cultures, as it allows the person to freely express their creativity within their specific dreamcatcher design.  In Native American folklore, dreamcatchers were made by mothers to protect their children from negative energy. The bad juju would get caught in the circular web, leaving the good energy to trickle down the feathers. As a tattoo, they protect from evil and represent security, well-being, and integration with nature.

Take a look in the gallery above filled with dream catcher tattoos! Tell us what your favorite on his in the comments below!