8 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes For Every OMG Moment

Jennifer Lawrence is so freakin’ awesome. She’s beyond talented, cool, funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She says the most insane things that just make us love her more and could potentially help out when at a loss for words. Check out these conversation savers below and keep them in your back pocket the next time you need quick comeback!

When you can tell someone is getting really annoyed or impatient with you. 

The next time someone asks how you have so much energy. 

The next time someone complains about feeling fat, say this even if they don’t eat pudding…LOL. 

The next time someone points out a pimple.

When you need to change the subject…FAST.

When you’re suddenly center of attention and it’s freaking you out. 

The next time some d-bag tries to insult you. 

Or…if all else fails…just make this face.