10 Things You Never Knew About Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana may have wrapped years ago, but the memory of character Miley Stewart’s double life will forever remain burned in our brains. Even if you consider yourself a Hannah Montana expert, these 10 fun facts might even make your jaw drop!

The original name for the main character was Alexis Texas, but later changed to Hannah Montana.

Every episode title is a reference to a Hannah Montana song.

Jojo was originally offered the title role, but she turned it down.

Mitchel Musso’s hair was worn long in an effort to cover up his pierced ears.

High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu had a guest starring role in the show’s pilot, as Miley’s crush, and two years later popped up again in an episode called “We’re All On This Date Together,” a reference to Corbin’s HSM career.

Jason Earles may have looked young enough to play the role of Miley’s slightly older big bro, but in reality, the actor was in his mid-twenties when he took on the role of Jackson Stewart and was in his 30s by the time the show wrapped.

Speaking of Jason’s character, Jackson was originally written to be shy and was supposed to only talk via a puppet he carried with him everywhere.

One of the storylines considered for the finale of the show was for it all to be a dream of Miley Stewart’s.

Miley originally auditioned for the role of Lily Truscott, which was ultimately played by Emily Osment.

To keep her wig from slipping, the bangs were tacked to Miley’s forehead with glue.