You Will Never Guess Who Jennifer Lawrence Has A Crush On

Jennifer Lawrence is the girl we all want to be besties with. She’s super down-to-earth, funny, cool, and always keeps us on our toes. The Oscar-winning actress has been enjoying the single life, and if she wanted, could have her pick of available babes running around Hollywood. However, during a recent visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, J-Law confessed she’s been crushin’ hard on the most unexpected Tinseltown bachelor on the block, Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s, Larry David.

Sure the 68-year-old is old enough to be her grandfather, but after watching one too many episodes of the HBO comedy, Jennifer admits she’s given her number to Larry, but has never gotten a call. LOL.

Check out the hilarious interview segment above and leave the celeb you think Jennifer Lawrence should date in the comments below!