WATCH: Taylor Swift Spills Her Biggest Fear

Taylor Swift just wrapped up her massively successful 1989 tour and during her stop in Sydney Australia, the superstar sat down with beats music and Apple to chat about the reality of her life in the spotlight, tour, her friends, and her biggest fear. For the girls who sold out every show of her tour, filling stadiums with 75,000 fans, and having a slew of famous friends join her on stage, it’s hard to believe her biggest fear is people not showing up to see her perform.

However, sitting in the empty venue being interviewed, Taylor says, “This is what my nightmares look like,” she says. “I have nightmares and nobody shows up, and nobody wants to see me perform at all. I walk out and I would just cry.”

We all know that is never going to happen, but in the 30 minute interview above, Taylor shows off a very real, thoughtful, and business like side to her, which is not only refreshing, but fully backs what everyone says about her…that’s she’s truly genuine and beyond nice.

Check the video out above and leave your favorite thing about Taylor in the comments below!