Trend to Try: Oil Slicked Hair Color For Brunettes

Brunettes everywhere have begrudgingly stood on the sidelines as their lighter colored hair pals have worked hair color trends like the ombre, lavender fairy look, and granny gray. Since it’s too damaging and entirely too much work to keep roots looking legit, most brunettes (myself included) have just ignored passing hair color trends knowing we could never partake… until now!

Thanks to Aura Friedman, a colorist at Sally Hershberger, there is new, beautifully iridescent hope for brunettes everywhere. It’s called the oil slick. Before you think #vom and picture rubbing coconut oil into your roots, let’s review.

The oil slick is actually a super cool coloring process that turns dark brown locks into a subtle, shimmery rainbow of color, like what you see when an oil slick is perfectly hit by sunlight.

This trend is ideal for fall and winter because deeper purples, greens, and blues layered into your dark hair will give you a dramatic, totally on trend look for colder weather. Now that you know there’s rainbow hair color hope for brunettes, get to work on your hair inspiration Pinterest board and make an appointment with your colorist!