Top 5 Best Soundtrack Moments In a Movie

Soundtracks are pretty much the backbone to any epic movie scene. With the right song behind all of your favorite scenes, movies just wouldn’t be complete without music. From The Breakfast Club to Divergent, soundtracks – though on an unfortunate decline these days – set it all in motion and there’s always at least one song that takes you right back to a movie’s most cinematic scene. I’ve put together my top five favorite soundtrack moments from a movie along with a special one added in there for your viewing, and listening, pleasure.

5. She’s All That (1999) – Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”

We all remember that adorable scene in She’s All That when Rachael Leigh Cook‘s character of Laney is revealed to Freddie Prinze, Jr.‘s character of Zack. Suddenly, Laney isn’t the dorky girl anymore…at least until she gets to the bottom of the stairs. Been there, done that. Sixpence None The Richer‘s “Kiss Me” made this one of the ultimate teen movie scenes in the late 90’s and it still lives up to it’s charm today.

4. Empire Records (1995) – The Meices’ “Ready, Steady, Go”

Though Empire Records is chock full of epic soundtrack moments, one that I particularly love is the shoplifting chase involving Brendan Sexton III‘s character of Warren and Rory Cochran‘s Lucas. Ethan Embry‘s Mark “SHOPLIFTER” scream is epic and not gonna lie, I’ve kind of always wanted to be in a store during an event like this just so I could recreate the allure of total chaos in a record store in the 90’s. Unfortunately, depending on how you view it, this hasn’t happened. The Meices‘ “Ready, Steady, Go” slays this scene, making it one of the most memorable scenes of Empire Records.–hyeBfOQ

3. Twilight (2008) – Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole”

Love ’em or hate ’em – you can’t deny that the soundtracks that made up the Twilight series were seriously on point. The franchise’s first film, Twilight, was a massive hit and the Cullen baseball scene was a top favorite. Featuring Muse‘s “Supermassive Black Hole,” it became the anthem for vampire baseball, making Twihards everywhere try to recreate the scene themselves to no avail. One can dream, though.

2. Divergent (2014) – M83’s “I Need You”

Like Twilight, Divergent has created a fanbase all it’s own, making dystopian cities a thing of the much-wanted future. The zip-line scene from the franchise’s first film sealed the deal for me. Featuring M83‘s “I Need You,” the scene follows Shailene Woodley’s character of Tris through a trip out of her comfort zone as she becomes more accustomed to Dauntless life, transforming her (and the audience) into a much freer being. Just this song alone makes me emotional so imagine a high-energy scene thrown in the mix!

1. The Breakfast Club (1985) – Simple Minds’ “(Don’t You) Forget About Me”

Classic. 80’s. Gem. The Breakfast Club has stolen the hearts of millions, even inspiring some of your favorite music acts of today to recreate the sound of the movie in honor of its 30 year reign. What stands out the most, however, is the ending scene when Saturday detention is all over and new bonds are made. The placement of Simple Minds‘ “(Don’t You) Forget About Me” is by far the most memorable soundtrack moment in my book and it’s kind of hard not to get incredibly giddy whenever it comes on the radio.

Bonus: Mean Girls (2004) – Missy Elliott’s “Pass That Dutch”

A soundtrack list just wouldn’t be complete without a scene from Mean Girls, am I right? Quite possibly one of the most loved and quotable scenes from the movie, The Plastics hall scene is by far one of the best. Set to Missy Elliott‘s “Pass That Dutch,” I think it’s safe to say we all stocked up on “army pants and flip-flops” back in the day.

Let us know your favorite soundtrack moments from a movie!