Taylor Swift Is Walking Away From Music..Whaaat?!

With seven Grammy nominations, a sold out world tour, celebrity connections to kill for, and amazing artists, like Ryan Adams, covering your top selling album, if you were Taylor Swift, you’d likely just keep pushing forward, making more music and touring right?! Actually…wrong.

Turns out, according to Hollywoodlife.com, Taylor is ready for an extended break from the music biz. Wanting to spend more time with with her family, and foster a deeper relationship with boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Fortunately, Taylor is in a position to walk away from music, chill, and according to sources, won’t be back with new music for THREE YEARS.

Ummm for Swifties, this news kinda sucks, but in my opinion, I think it’s the best career decision Taylor can make right now. She’s walking the fine line of over-exposure and I’m not sure how much longer anyone can handle hearing about her “squad,” QIR.

With an extended break, we can all get reacquainted with all her old music, find new meaning behind her catalog of songs, have the chance to miss her, and embrace Taylor with excited, loving arms and ears when she makes a massively successful return to the mic.

What do you think of Taylor taking a break from the biz?